Chinese New Year Happens Sunday!

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Chinese New Year Happens Sunday!

Chinese New Year Happens Sunday!


This Year We Enter the Year of the Rabbit

Chinese New Year is the most important festival in Chinese culture. This year, the Chinese New Year will fall on Sunday, January 22. On that day, we enter the year of the Rabbit, the fourth animal in the sequence of the Chinese Zodiac. We are transitioning out of the year of the Tiger and into the Rabbit year, and with it, tradition calls for a shift toward hope and peace. Chinese culture predicts that Rabbit years are good for longevity, good luck, and friendly socializing. 

Chinese New Year’s traditions include: 

  • Decorating shops, city streets, and your house. Much like the holiday season in Western culture, the Lunar New Year is a time to bring a festive atmosphere and shimmering decoration to your home and anywhere you might go during the 16 days of celebration. Lunar New Year’s decorations are thought to bring luck and ward off bad energy. 
  • Honoring and remembering ancestors. In Chinese culture, deceased family members are recognized at significant celebrations. Chinese families are known to place offerings that are at a family shrine with items such as food, wine, or joss paper.
  • Enjoying a big family dinner. Families often go to great lengths to come together to celebrate the new year together through a reunion dinner. Multiple generations within a family will gather at a round table and eat family-style meals. The menu will include symbolic foods and traditional staples like dumplings, rice cakes, and spring rolls. 
  • Setting off fireworks. Like midnight on January 1, the Chinese treat their New Year’s celebration as a moment to mark with eye-popping fireworks, noisy firecrackers, and cheering. Some believe that the more noise they make, the better their year will be.
  • Watching public festivals. Cities throughout China and worldwide celebrate dragon dances and parades on the New Year.
  • Taking a week or more for cultural festivities. While the New Year will occur on January 22, the week following is full of traditions, from visiting different sides of the family to visiting the graves and tombs of the dead to cleaning out the house. Fifteen days after the New Year, the Chinese celebrate a Lantern Festival, when beautiful paper lanterns are sent into the sky in all shapes and colors. 

Good fortune symbols and auspicious tokens are central to Chinese New Year’s celebrations. Flowers and decorative fruits are a huge part of these celebrations – and many of the most popular flowers carry deep cultural significance. Orchids are beloved at Chinese New Year. The luxurious elegance of the orchid translates to a meaning of abundance and refinement. At Allen’s Flower Market, we carry a sumptuous variety of orchids, from the minimal Fairbanks Garden arrangement featuring a single plume of white petals and beautiful succulent foliage to the showstopping Orchid Circle, a lush centerpiece with three orchid varietals. Willow stems are another Chinese New Year favorite. Our Grand Paradise bouquet blends willows with exciting exotic flowers for a powerful statement of lush fortune and beauty. Peonies are a beloved flower in Chinese culture and play into the Lunar New Year as flirtatious charmers that bring good luck to anyone, especially those looking for love. Our stunning Peony Pleasure arrangement is the perfect gift or accent for a reunion dinner or a romantic surprise. Winter fruits like pomelos and tangerines are often included in grand floral arrangements to symbolize family unity and luck.

At Allen’s Flower Market, we are proud to be a family-owned business and have been bringing floral joy to our customers’ cultural celebrations for over 40 years. We offer fast, easy delivery to accommodate your busy life and help you stay focused on your festivities, festivals, and rituals. Have a look at our impressive variety of flowers, gifts, plants, and floral arrangements online